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Pack Out in Sebastopol California

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Pack Out in Sebastopol California The master bedroom, where the fire broke out.

In Sebastopol California, in the beginnings of fall, there was unfortunately a house fire in the upstairs master bedroom of a family’s home. The fire was started by a floor fan. They had quite a few of these to try and stay cool in the summer. The majority of the damage was contained to the master bedroom though their entire house contents needed to be packed out in order to ensure there was no soot or smoke damage to their items. If there was still soot, not only would the smell of smoke linger, but it is also unhealthy to be breathing in the particulates of soot that could be lingering. As you can see from the level of soot in this picture, a lot of items in the bedroom were damaged but we were able to clear and restore a fair amount as well. If you have a fire damage, call SERVPRO and we’ll make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage in Small Town Theater

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage in Small Town Theater A dehumidifier in the theater, moving water from affected area, to disposal bucket.

No one likes water damage, no one. Not even a restoration technician because we know what it means for our customers. Our first concern is always to make it “Like it never even happened.” Now, when a business gets water damage, it’s an all new ball game. Not only do we need to extract and dry as quickly as we normally would, but there’s an extra pressure because, if a business is damaged, it is closed. If it is closed, no one works. Now it starts to affect the lives of quite a few people. But not to worry, SERVPRO knows how to get the job done quickly and correctly. This small theater was up and running in no time, because SERVPRO is always, #HERETOHELP!

Here Comes the Rainy Season

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Here Comes the Rainy Season Mold Growth Due to a Leaking Roof

The rainy season is fast approaching and that is when we start seeing more and more water damages. This water damage happened during a period of on again off again rain for about three days. What this client didn't know, was that over the summer, her roof became compromised. This leak was slow at first; it got into their insulation and then sat for a few days because the homeowner could not see the wet insulation. After a short trip for about three days, they came back to this. That is a total of a week and a half of the wet insulation sitting on the drywall ceiling and mold found its way, just like it always does. This is a reminder to do your best to never let a water damage sit if you can help it. Call us, and we'll make it "Like it never even happened."

Wet Rot and Dry Rot

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Wet Rot and Dry Rot A Floor Heavily Affected by Wet Rot

Water can be very sneaky. If your home or your business springs a leak, that you don’t see, it can be detrimental. When water damages go untreated, not only do you risk mold, but there’s a rick of wet and dry rot. See, wet rot is when water damage sits in place for a much extended period of time, and the wood is unable to dry. It is just consistently wet. It will start to get soggy and fall apart. Wet rot can turn into dry rot after if eventually that wet rot does find a way to dry. But either way, you risk not only mold, but also the structural integrity of your home or your business. Call SERVPRO to do an inspection, because we are always #HERETOHELP

Heavy Soot Resulting in Demo

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Heavy Soot Resulting in Demo Think Layer of Soot Covering This Room Top to Bottom

In a lot of cases, SERVPRO is able to clean up after damaged by soot, but in some extreme cases, demolition in necessary. When fire puts off smoke, causing soot to fill the air and stick to everything, the soot goes everywhere. Unfortunately, soot is sticky, and varies in tack, due to what was burning. We have tools to help clean soot, but in heavy cases, we have to remove the wall, or ceiling. And in this case pictured, we definitely removed the walls and ceiling, not only due to the soot, but also because some fires will get too hot, and the nails in the wall will start popping, causing burn marks.  This job was pretty extensive but we got it done and made it, “Like it never even happened.”

Home Inspections are Key

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Home Inspections are Key A Water Damage From Faulty Shower Caulking

We all know it’s important to have good bathroom ventilation in order to prevent buildup of water, resulting in mold. But you should also keep an eye on your shower caulking. If there’s a big enough crack and water starts leaking through, you could have the problem this family had. They weren’t aware of the crack, or the leak, and then had a rude surprise appear on the bathroom wall and floor. They did indeed have mold, but luckily no wet rot. We were able to take care of this job quite quickly, but now this family knows, and we hope you do too, that you should inspect your showers caulking, and the rest of your home, frequently. If you suspect you have a leak, call us for an inspection and estimate. (707)571-8333

Mold Can Cause Health Issues

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Can Cause Health Issues Mold Invested Insulation

When it rains it sure does pour, doesn’t it? For this family it sure seemed to. After a very rainy winter last year, about a month into spring, one of the homeowners started getting headaches all the time. After about a solid month of headaches, and dizzy spells, her doctor suggested that she may have a mold problem. We came in and did moisture readings in their dining room and jackpot. The readings were off the charts. Once we removed the drywall, we saw that her insulation and wood framing was covered in mold. What had happened was their stucco on the outside of their home had gone bad. This caused a leak which then caused mold. We were able to remove the affected area and do a mold remediation for them. Remember, if you start having headaches, or eye issues, consult your doctor, you could have mold, and if you do, give us a call.

Flash Floods in Sonoma County

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flash Floods in Sonoma County A Living Room After Being Completely Flooded

This past year has been a tough one for California, and it all started in the early months of 2017. In Sonoma, and Marin Counties, we had massive flash floods. This caused a very large amount of damage. As you can see in this picture, a large amount of water made it in through this client’s sliding glass doors. This was a large extraction job, and we did a lot of quick work to prevent mold. What was tricky about these floods is it would not stop raining. This gave water time to sit in place for extended periods of time. But we made it through; SERVPRO was here for the town. We are always ready to tackle any disaster, big or small, we will make it, “Like it never even happened.”

When Fire Takes Control of Your Life, We Put it Back Together

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial When Fire Takes Control of Your Life, We Put it Back Together An Investment Office after a Fire Loss

Fire restoration can be quite overwhelming, especially when it affects your business. We know that when your business is damaged, not only are you dealing with insurance, and employees but you yourself have lost your income. Business owners have it rough in this sense because if there insurance isn’t what it should be, they could risk losing it all. But that is why SERVPRO is always here to help. When fire takes control of your life, we are here to put it back together. This Investment Office needed us in a time of need and we were there. We worked to make it “Like it never even happened.” and we did. That is why you trust SERVPRO to handle your disasters, no matter the size, because we truly are always #HERETOHELP

October 9th, 2017 in Santa Rosa, California

11/12/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage October 9th, 2017 in Santa Rosa, California One of the neighborhoods destroyed by these fires

In the late hours of Sunday night, October eighth, twenty seventeen, as Sonoma and Napa County residence get ready for the coming work week, disaster is starting to smolder. With winds blowing at hurricane speeds, and electrical issues playing a factor, fires erupted throughout the night, bringing with it, destruction and fear for many citizens, including the ones in Santa Rosa. With people being awoken in the middle of the night and having to escape their homes, to other families getting calls from friends to evacuate, a fire storm had descended upon the town full force. 5,700 structures were burned, while the majority were burned all the way to the ground, leaving behind only their chimneys, and a pile of rubble. The devastation and destruction that went along with this was record breaking and heart stopping. For days, people were out of work, staying home, waiting for the news that they too would have to evacuate their homes, possibly to never see it again. Today, is November eighth, one month later, and we are all still effected by this tragic event and probably will be for months and years to come. One thing we will have to remember is together we can get through to the other side. We are #SonomaStrong