Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos


Water damage is bad enough but when it hides from you and causes mold, that is a real bummer. Here you can see a home that had a hole in their wall that slowly ... READ MORE

Process of Removal

Mold is a tricky thing to conquer, but here at SERVPRO, we know just how to do it! See mold is always around. It is in the air, ready to find a home and grow. M... READ MORE

Perfect Home For Mold in Petaluma, CA

Mold loves moist dark warm environments, and at this job, that is exactly what the mold had. This job was massive and showed how crazy and out of control mold c... READ MORE

Untreated Water Damage in Santa Rosa, CA

This mold remediation was the result of untreated water damage. A vacant home with a broken pipe became saturated with water, and quickly turned into a hazardou... READ MORE

Mold in Petaluma, CA

Here in these before an dafter photos, you can see a large amount of mold surrounding this pipe. Mold loves damp, warm areas and at this job it had the perfect ... READ MORE

Mold in Garage in Kenwood, CA

Mold was a huge problem in this Kenwood home. The home owner had a pipe break under her home and it caused a tremendous amount of damage to the first level of h... READ MORE

Water and Mold Damage in Kenwood, CA

The water and mold damage in Kenwood, CA was the result of broken pipes in her walls. Her instillation was soaking up the water and because of this she did not ... READ MORE