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Water Damage Restoration Company | Santa Rosa SE/Sonoma

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

Are you looking for a quality water damage restoration company? Before selecting a company, read this: 

Unfortunately, this industry is not regulated and there are people out there who pose as professionals or who overstate their qualifications. Therefore, homeowners should be mindful of who they hire, as an untrained technician may do more harm than good or may even delay repairs, resulting in a higher degree of destruction.

  1. Only Choose Certified Professionals

Don’t opt for the water damage repair company that ranks top in Google if they are not certified. As a homeowner who wants to protect his or her investment, you should only choose certified professionals for water damage restoration.  Certification is a sign that a professional has received the most up to date training and is knowledgeable in the techniques and technologies that are used to effectively restore a home that has been damaged by water.

Don’t select a restoration company solely because an insurance company has given you their details. Insurance companies often select restoration services based on price, and unusually low pricing may often suggest the company does not use modern drying or repair methods.

  1. Range of Services

Choose a company that offers a range of water damage restoration services. The easiest way to determine the expertise of a firm is to see whether they provide a full range of options to homeowners. Mold remediation, for example, is often needed after a property has been damaged by water, given how quickly mold can set in. If a company doesn’t offer mold remediation, it may not be prepared for all job settings.

  1. Proactiveness

Stay away from any firm that is reluctant to start working right away. In many cases, modern drying equipment can enable near complete drying in as little as 36 hours, although many situations may require a longer period. Homeowners should not have to wait long for repairs to begin because every minute counts when there is standing water present and reputable professionals understand this.

SERVPRO has been providing quality water damage restoration solutions in Sonoma for many years. Contact us for more information about water damage restoration today.

Reasons for home water damage

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

As water damage repair specialists, we have rounded up the top five reasons why your home could experience water damage. Read more about it here.

Home ownership comes with many responsibilities. Protecting your home against water damage might not seem like your most pressing concern, but water damage can wreak havoc on a household, making it one of the most important to-dos on your checklist.

Instead of being reactive when disaster strikes, there are many preventative steps you can take to protect your home. As water damage repair specialists, we have rounded up the top five reasons why your home could experience water damage:

  1. Flooding

Natural disasters are still disasters. If a weather event leads to the build-up of water in an urban area, then many homes usually have to claim for water damage repair. The water damage can be caused by natural calamities, such as hurricanes and tsunamis, or it can be as a result of plumbing defects such as leaky faucets and taps as well as overflowing bathtubs.

  1. Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a less conspicuous source of water damage that can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked. If you notice that water is backing up in your shower and sinks, then it could be as a result of your toilet that is clogged. Not only can you not use your toilet in this instance, but the sewage and bacteria should be cleaned by a professional.

  1. Washing Machines

Many people ignore puddles of water behind a washing machine or on their washing room floors, but this is not something you should dismiss as harmless. Periodically check your washing machine unit to make sure that all the pipes and fittings work and that no water is leaking.

  1. Appliance Malfunction

Besides your washing machine, there are a few other appliances that are known to cause water damage if left unchecked. These include the dishwasher, HVAC system, and your water heater. Check for rusty or corroded valves and worn-out hoses. Remember that hoses on household appliances need to be replaced every five years.

  1. Leaking Roof

A home’s roofing system needs to be watertight. Not only can water damage to your roof compromise the foundations of your home, but it can also damage your belongings inside your home. Get a professional to check your roof’s waterproofing system every five years and check and repair broken roof tiles each season.

Contact us for more information about water damage repair services in Santa Rosa and Sonoma today.

Winter is Coming!

8/29/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Winter is Coming! Drive safe on the slick roads!

Hello Everyone! Although its technically only fall, we all know winter is coming! No we are not speaking of a hit TV show we truly mean winter is just around the corner. Here are some tips for you for this rainy season.

  • Drive with extra caution. Roads are slick with the first rain, and rain makes drivers nervous already.
  • Check to see if your windows are closed so water can't sneak in your home. 
  • Don't leave shoes outside. If water gets to them, and they are not dried properly, they could grow mold. 
  • Do NOT ignore flood warnings, and do NOT ignore floods.

If your home happens to flood or your business, don't wait. CALL! Call us as soon as possible to minimize damages. Got hardwood floors? We can save them if you call us right away. The longer the water sits, the less likely we can save your floors. Plus if you let the water sit, you increase chances of mold. 

So this winter drive safe, close your windows, bring your shoes in, and do NOT ignore flood warnings/floods. 

If you do happen to flood, call us here at (707)571-8333

Believe it or Not

8/29/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Believe it or Not The mold covered concrete sub floor

People very often panic was they experience a water loss, to the point where they try and solve it all by themselves. In this case a couple had a water damage in their kitchen. To cut costs, they tried to dry it out themselves. They mopped up all the water and bought a few large fans. They dried it for two days and all "seemed" dry and well. Two weeks later they could smell a stale odor. They called us to come look. We removed their flooring and lo and behold, the concrete sub floor was completely covered in mold. They owners were shocked because they thought they were in the clear since they didn't have a wooden sub-floor or crawl space. They didn't know that mold could ever grow on concrete. We informed them that all mold needs are water, an organic substance, and oxygen. Don’t let this happen to you. Whether you have a water damage or mold issues, call us for all your restoration needs!

Where Water Goes, SERVPRO Follows!

8/29/2018 (Permalink)


Water goes everywhere, and we mean everywhere. When there is a water damage job and we first come out, our technicians have moister readers. These readers are fantastic and help us know exactly where the water went and how wet it is in each particulate area. We will then monitor how each area dries. We will keep a log of each material.

-Sub Floor   -Door Frame   -Dry wall   -Concrete    -Slab   -Carpet etc...

Each day we will come out and check how things are drying. This enables us to know which materials to remove from the home. If an item like the carpet or door framing isn't drying at the proper rate, we know it is not salvageable. It will then be removed before mold can begin to grow in water damaged areas. When you have a water damage, water can get everywhere but us here at SERVPRO of Santa Rosa S.E./Sonoma will follow that water and eliminate it in order to make it "Like it never even happened."

Faster to Any Size Disaster

8/29/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Faster to Any Size Disaster Cut outs we make to help dry out under the cabinets, increasing our chances of saving them

The season for BBQ's, parties, and family fun is almost to an end. The last thing you have time for is a water damage. Say you're having family over and everyone is outside having a great time! What you don't know is that inside the pipe under your sink disconnects and pours water out for an hour. You can stop the leak and mop up the water but you don't want to ruin the party! Not only that, but you have family in town for a few days. Surely the water can wait a few days, right? NO! If you wait, not only will you increase your chances for mold and for your insurance company to NOT cover your loss, you will also increase the chances of losing your cabinets and having to replace them and your flooring. Call us right away and allow us the opportunity to save your cabinets as you see in this picture.

Fire, Water, and Mold!

8/24/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Fire, Water, and Mold! Even books aren't safe from this mold

This job was very complex. This poor client had to fight the dreaded trifecta! The client's home caught on fire so then the sprinkler system came on. On top of that, the fire hoses got water everywhere which then sat and eventually started to grow mold.  In these situations, there are many steps our cleaning technicians have to go through to renew the items. First there is the drying out process. Then there is the process of finding the items that do and do not have mold on them. The items that have mold will be considered as "Fire Damaged" and the homeowners insurance will handle all the details that go with that. The items that have been dried out that do not have mold, will now be cleaned. Our techs will use special tools and products to remove as much soot as possible, if not all of it. After, the items that still have a lingering smell will be put in the ozone machine. Sometimes we will re-clean certain items and run it through the ozone for a second processing time. Through this entire process, we achieve the SERVPRO standard you and your family deserve. 

Hidden Issues Are The Worst!

8/24/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Hidden Issues Are The Worst! The pipe that created all the water and mold damage

It is hard to deal with a leak even when it is just a leak. But when the leak is hidden for weeks and weeks, and water keeps slowly traveling around your home, it becomes a new and bigger mess. Mold. Mold is horrible! Mold can cause numerous health problems. In this photo you see the result of a long term water damage turning into a massive mold job. If you ever suspect a water or mold problem give us a call to come out and do an inspection. We'll give you an estimate. We know what to look for and we have the tools to help us ensure a yes or no answer for you. (707)571-8333

Details Are Everything!

8/24/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Details Are Everything! A technician going through a box of personal papers that need cleaning.

We know from years of experience that it is the little things that matter. When a fire strikes, people first think of their home itself, then their furniture and electronics. But after people have time to think more important things start to come to mind: birth certificates, marriage licenses and divorce papers, sentimental cards and keepsakes. People care very much for all this and more. Like a box of baby clothes from their children they wanted to pass down etc. At first, no one thinks about this. But once it hits, the panic starts all over again. This is why we clean every piece of paper,  card, and item you have us clean. If it is "un-save-able" we never dispose of your possessions without consent, but we try our very hardest to save as much as possible, to make it "Like it never even happened."

Growing Mold

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is not widely understood. People think if they aren't looking under their kitchen sink or in their bathroom, that weird looking stuff can't be mold... Can it? Well indeed it can. Say you wash your clothes. You washed a sweater you don't want any dust to get on, so you put it into those big plastic bags that protect your clothes while in the closet. What you didn't notice was that one of the sleeves was still wet. Six weeks goes by and you want to wear that sweater again, but wait! Where did all the mold come from? When you stuck a wet fabric inside of a closed plastic bag, you gave mold the perfect home to flourish. At this point the sweater should be replaced and you should wash all surrounding items that were stored near said sweater. If you feel you have a mold problem please call us at (707)571-8333.