What our Customers say...


We are much more at ease now that it (mold) is all gone. Thank you!

The cleaning girls were absolutely wonderful!!!!!

Y'all were so nice and did a great job. I'll be telling all my friends about how great you did with my water problems. Thank you!

Cleaning staff was amazing! So friendly and did an excellent job!

Loved Shawna and Karen! Gustavo was also wonderful! Thank you all for everything. You are welcome for a free drink anytime!

Who knew a tiny pipe could cause all of this? Thank you very much for a fast restoration. Great job!

We thought the rains were done then BOOM! One last shower before summer. Thank you for the work you did. We don't know what we would have done without you.

We are totally blown away with the quality of service provided on all levels with SERVPRO! Your team of fabulous people have made this past week bearable with their care, compassion and impeccable customer service. We had no idea that a service like yours existed. Amazing! 

Thank you SERVPRO for all you did! So wonderful. Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you so much for everything you did to get us re-opened before our annul event. We will be telling everyone about you, you can count on it! Thank you!

Fast and very professional. Thank you!

I can not believe how quick you guys were to respond! Thank you for walking us through all the first steps of this process. I hope the rest is this easy.

Wonderful service with a great staff that made my wife and I feel very calm within our stressful situation.

Quite fantastic work! Truly. The girls were great! Loved how easy you all made it. Just amazing.

Terrific job well done! Amazing customer service skills and quick to get it done. Thank you!

Great service! You can just tell your guys know what they are doing and that is very reassuring! I'd use you again, no doubt. 

Gracias SERVPRO! Everything you did was great! We are very happy you fixed it all before we got mold. Very nice workers. Thank you again!

Thank you for handling my water problem so quickly. We were only out of the office for three days and that is just amazing! We really appreciate it. Thank you.

Your teams were very kind and great at explaining to me their process of removing the mold. If, God forbid , we ever have mold issues again, we'll have you on speed dial.

Thank you for taking care of the water in our garage. These storms have been relentless and we are lucky we were not as effected as some people we know. You worked fast and well with our schedule. We will defiantly tell family and friends to call SERVPRO.

I know we have a lot of stuff but thank you for doing what you've done so far. I appreciate your kindness during this hard time. 

Dear Karen, thank you so much to you and your whole team for your quick response, your professionalism and your thorough remediation of our adventures with water! I really appreciate your extra kindness and will highly recommend SERVPRO to friends and neighbors! Thanks again! 

I am so please with how quickly you responded to our water leak. I look forward to the rest of the work. Thank you for caring enough to respond that fast.

Dear Karen and Robert,

Your staff has been amazing! Through the packing of all my things, to cleaning up after the contractors, to putting everything back. My wife and I couldn't be happier with the job you did. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We needed so much help after the week of rain. Thank you so much for responding so quickly! You guys have been great and on top of the communication. Thank so much, really!

Thank you so much for helping me reopen so quickly! Beau and Gustavo were both very helpful through the whole process! I will defiantly be saving your number!

I had no idea I had mold issues, just a weird musty smell. Thank you so much for finding the cause and removing it all. 

I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did for our home last year after the Valley Fire. Scariest times of our life and you made it just that much easier to handle. Thank you Robert and Karen for everything.

Thank you so much! Everyone was amazing and so nice! Please tell Gustavo and Omar, and I think Donna was her name. They were so great. Really truly great workers and people. 

You guys were so great! Thank you for saving my business!

I will never, EVER, use another company for my restoration needs. Thank you SERVPRO for everything. I don't know what my family would have done with out you.

Thank you so much for saving my shop! Beau was a huge help with answering all of my fiance's questions and for being patient with our confusion in such a scary time. We would highly recommend this SERVPRO location. 

They were absolutely FABULOUS! Especially Donna and her team, Lynn and Alicia. Thank you SERVPRO!

I am off the chart happy with Beau and his team. They handled everything beautifully and professionally since the moment they arrived! They were respectful, patient, and really tidy! I'm amazed at what water damage dry-out entails and impressed with the amount of knowledge Beau and his team have to know. SERVPRO has exceeded all expectation of customer service and we are very thankful they came to do this job. A million thanks!

Clone your staff so others would have the pleasure of working with them. It is RARE to look forward to having crews working in the house but with your team it was true. They are all delightful, very hardworking, knowledgeable, and cheerful. They feel like family.

You guys are so great. Thank you so much for everything you did. My business looks amazing!

A house fire destroyed our kitchen. Upon visiting the house this morning we found the house in pristine condition with all surfaces and even furniture gleaming. Far from looking like a fire victim the interior looked like a brand new house. Beau and his team have made our fire damaged house into a sparkling, brand new home. ...this team has an amazing work ethic and a demeanor both caring and thorough. We have complete confidence in them and the high quality of their work. We want to thank them all for their outstanding work.

Karen, Thank you so much for having such an amazing staff. I still cannot believe you saved my hard wood floors! Between that and the awesome staff, you get 5 stars in my eyes.

I've had to use SERVPRO twice now, and the first time was years ago after a small fire in my kitchen. This time a pipe busted in my down stairs bathroom, causing a huge mess, but I called SERVPRO of Santa Rosa S.E. and I wasn't disappointed. Both times they came through to the fullest and honestly I will never use another company ever. Karen and Robert are the sweetest people and their son Cameron has been in charge of both my jobs and they are just all amazing here. A true family business you can trust.

You guys are so awesome! Karen, your staff is unbelievable. Donna and Lynn made it shine like a new penny. I am so thankful. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone.

My sister and I were having major allergy problems which is not like us. A friend said we could have mold in our office. We google for a company that does that and we found SERVPRO. They found the mold right in the wall by our desks! They sent guys out they next day after our call and they had the job done in four days! We'd like to thank SERVPRO for being so quick and professional. You were a huge help!

I have never been so pleased with a company before in my life. When my father passed I thought I would never get his house clean enough to sell, but SERVPRO proved me wrong. Thank you SERVPRO! I hope I never need you again but if I do, I know where to find you.

I'm Really Impressed by the caring and organized way they arrived, did their jobs and left with everything under control. Our leaking ceiling upset us but to be reassured all would be fine was very nice. We thank you for your job well done.

I had no idea why my allergies were so bad. A family member said it could be mold. I googled mold removal and up popped SERVPRO. I am so happy I picked them to take care of the situation. The mold has been gone for two weeks now and my allergies are back to normal. Thank you SERVPRO!

They cleaned my restaurant very fast. We have no more water. Thank you!

Absolutely amazing! My house looks brand new! After so many years of neglect I was worried it would never be clean enough to rent again but you guys came in and made it better than it's ever been. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!!!

Thank you Robert and Karen for fixing my barber shop so fast! You have a very amazing crew of people on your side. I will for sure be recommending you to all my friends and family!

Thank Karen for sending your guys out so soon. The smell was unbearable. The other company did not handle our flood well, causing a ton of mold. Your crew was so quick! I really do appreciate the hard work you guys did. Thank you!

SERVPRO has been undoubtedly the nicest company I have ever had in my home. They dealt with all of my stuff and cleaned it and my home and even unpacked everything the way it was. I was always able to speak to someone in the office who could answer all of my many questions. I would defiantly recommend SERVPRO (of Santa Rosa S.E./Sonoma) to any of my kids or family. They get the job done and done right.

Thank you so much for fixing my moms home. She loves her home and she thought she had lost it forever. You saved her home and all of her belongings. You true are the best. Thank you again.

Thank you for everything! I had no clue how to handle the mold I found in my kitchen but you helped me from the very first phone call. I cannot believe how quickly you completed this job. I know who to call if I ever find mold again. Thank you SERVPRO.

This company made me feel so at ease from the get go. From packing all my stuff to cleaning my home and then they unpacked me. Karen always was sweet on the phone and Cameron was so informational and reassuring. They are the best and I would never ask another to help me in one of these situations besides them. They rock! Thank you to everyone that helped.

I was not prepared for El Nino like I thought I was. Thank you for saving my home after it flooded. Your drew was amazing. If I ever flood again, I know who to call.

SERVPRO, thank you so much for everything you have done for my family. These rains have caused our house to flood before but you didn't give us the run around we've received before. Not only did you help us with the flood but found mold from past floods and took care of it all. Thank you so much for always answering our questions and being polite and professional. You guys are the real deal. We appreciate your hard work. If we ever flood again, we know who to call.

Starting with the first phone call, your team took care of our family. I'm of course happy to report they also took care of the absolute cleanup of our flood and our home - their work was extraordinary, careful and meticulous. But it was so much more than that. They also communicated with us clearly and proactively and made us feel at ease in one of the worst disasters we have had to face. Our crew chief Michael was amazing. To say he went the extra mile is not to say enough. The hard labor of team members like Will day in and day out was amazing. This crew did so much more than remove the water damage from our home, they helped me and my children clean up and deal with the anxiety and fear of this disaster. I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend this SERVPRO location.

At this house, the saying is, "When it rains, it's probably a leak and we'd better call SERVPRO." Thank you for your generous gift of services to dry out the leak from our fire suppression system in recent weeks. That it happened this most recent time when my husband was in a critical phase of his death process was tragic timing. However, Beau, Cameron and the others dispatched the problem in the most effective and least disruptive way possible. Please know you have a loyal customer in Cloverdale should I ever require such services again.

SERVPRO's performance could not have been better for me. They were perfect! I was very impressed with Michael. He was professional, kind, courteous, and helpful. He and his team made me feel so much better. They did a magnificent job!!

Fantastic, amazing, patient, on time, courteous, knowledgeable! Thank you!!!

Very professional- good at explaining procedures and monitoring techniques. Beau and crew very aware and carful of furniture.

The only words that come to mind are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, punctual, detailed, helpful, courteous, service oriented and overall "outstanding"! In this day and age, it is rare to find the type of service provided by your SERVPRO representatives in Santa Rosa. We applaud and thank Robert and Karen West for a job well done! We will gladly act as a reference for the company should a client/customer need one.

This letter is being written to acknowledge the incredible service provided by your SERVPRO franchise Santa Rosa S.E./Sonoma. The SERVPRO team coordinated every aspect of the job from asbestos inspection, asbestos removal, demo, removal of appliances/cabinetry, to providing the name of a contractor to reinstall. Everyone was fabulous. The office staff kept me informed of the timeline for each day. The tech's were always on time, friendly and efficient. These people know what they're doing!

We want to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent service that you, your family and your employees provided to us. Throughout the entire process you were professional in the manner in which you handled the clean up. Additionally, you were personally comforting in the way you explained everything to us. As the work progressed you made yourself available, to answer a question or to find something in storage that we needed. We would highly recommend you and your company.

Robert & Karen at SERVPRO (formerly clean performance) and their impressive crew did a meticulous job of itemizing our personal property. This daunting task was done with a high degree of professional skill and responsiveness to our personal concerns.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the really super clean-up job you did at my house after the fire. You and your crew, were so outstanding in the way you handled everything with such care and I really appreciated your boys and how hard they worked, and with the added bonus, yet, of a piano recital from I think his name was Bo??? His playing was wonderful, a really talented young man.

I have told everybody about your superior work.